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This repository provides a comprehensive list of available resources, including guidance, reports, tools, and services developed around education about NBS. These NBS education resources and materials were discovered through EU-funded online repositories and through desk research. It is updated annually. You can also consult it as a database on PowerBI.

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The platform offers environmental education materials and activities to be directly used by kids. It aims to develop informed engagement of the kids in environmental issues.

Topic: Social Justice & Social Cohesion

Educational Level: Primary to Secondary Education

Language:  German

Organisation: BMUV


Carbon Footprint Awareness in Our Daily Routines

This Learning Scenario (LS) raises students' awareness of their daily habits' impact on nature and Earth, focusing on global warming, carbon footprint, and nature-based solutions (NBS). Students calculate their carbon footprint, collaboratively create a prototype solution to reduce it, and learn the importance of sustainability and social responsibility through afforestation.

Topic: Health & Well-Being

Educational Level: All Levels

Language:  English

Organisation: European Schoolnet


Case studies on Adaptation and Climate Resilience in Schools and Educational Settings

15 innovative ideas and actions adopted and implemented by educational institutes in Africa, and across the globe, providing examples on adaptation and climate resilience in schools in different countries across the world.

Topic: Climate Resilience

Educational Level: Non Specific

Language:  English

Organisation: Global Center on Adaptation


Children & Nature

A network to support and mobilize leaders, educators, activists, practitioners and parents on bringing childhood back to nature, and to increase safe and equitable access to the natural world for all.

Topic: Health & Well-Being

Educational Level: Primary Education

Language:  English

Organisation: Children & Nature Network


Children, Education and Nature-based Solutions

Investigates how children perceive, access and use nature, and aims to research and develop educational programmes, tools and approaches that raise their awareness of, and participation in, NBS for urban regeneration.

Topic: Urban Regeneration

Educational Level: Primary Education

Language:  English

Organisation: REGREEN output

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