Nature-based Solutions in Education for starters

27 September 2023

Nature-based Solutions in Education for starters

Implementing Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in education is a step in the right direction, laying the groundwork for facing the threat of climate change. By intertwining NBS and education, educators can directly foster sustainability, resilience, and environmental awareness among their students, and indirectly among the wider community. This step can help transition the education community into a land of possibilities for students to learn more about the world around them, through the world around them.

With its "Guidelines on Implementation of Nature-Based Solutions Activities in Education for Starters", NBS EduWORLD offers advice to educators through practical examples, resources and expert recommendations. It bridges the knowledge gap and equips them with ideas, activities and initiatives, thus enabling the seamless integration of NBS concepts across various education settings. While this is the goal especially for “NBS starters” - educators with little to no exposure to NBS concepts, those already aware of NBS concepts can also review and modernise their education approaches with the guidance provided.

The guidelines cover formal, non-formal, and informal education settings, ensuring their applicability across different learning environments. Educators will be empowered to confidently explore NBS-related content with their students and equipped with the right tools to instil a solid foundation of NBS understanding. Moreover, they will be able to address the topic of NBS through diverse pedagogical approaches, according to the learners' needs, the curriculum, and the setting demands.

By empowering educators to nurture a generation that comprehends and appreciates NBS, the guidelines lay the groundwork for a sustainable future, where NBS principles are seamlessly integrated into education. The future depends on innovations like this.

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