UrbanByNature Capacity Building Program meets NBS EduWORLD through a Series of 6 Webinars

21 May 2024

UrbanByNature Capacity Building Program meets NBS EduWORLD through a Series of 6 Webinars

At a time of great ecological uncertainty, the search for alternative planning pathways through the uptake of nature-based solutions (NBS) that contribute to mitigate human impacts on natural ecosystems has increasingly been prioritised. Given its demonstrated cost-efficiency towards long-term sustainability, NBS became a fundamental planning element to city-planners and policy-makers. The NBS EduWORLD project is an ambitious initiative that aims to redefine education in the field of NBS, and our webinar series wants to facilitate the space for joining forces to build solid NBS educational resources on how to plan, design, implement, maintain, monitor and replicate NBS at rural, urban and coastal ecosystems.

So this is a series of 6 webinars that will streamline knowledge on NBS, increasing training capacities of NBS educators, promoting the engagement with NBS influencers, youth, enterprises and welcoming a wider public challenged by a common goal: Shaping the Future of Sustainability!

What we aim at?: Bringing NBS knowledge into real city-planning actions and a profound change in the NBS education landscape. 

Who do we target?: These series are open to all, with the mission of amplifying efforts of increasing NBS knowledge, raise environmental awareness and prepare our society to build upon solid and robust education systems and methods. We aim to support city planners and policy-makers towards sustainable planning actions, and we want to build this jointly with all.

A Framework for Success

Central to the webinar series is the Integrated Management System (IMS) approach, developed in the UrbanByNature Program, which provides a comprehensive framework of the different steps for integrating NBS in planning processes through a diversity of NBS education methods. Developed in line with ISO37101 standards, this approach follows 7 stages with learning formats that emphasise collaborative, trans-disciplinary and holistic methods, open to creativeness and innovation. In addition, the series will introduce the CLEVER Exchange format, designed to facilitate dynamic knowledge sharing and meaningful interaction among participants. 

The Journey Begins

The inaugural webinar, scheduled for Thursday, 4th July 2024 from 3-4pm CET, marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of NbS education. Participants can expect engaging presentations from ICLEI and one of our NBS EduWORLD cities, Genova, offering unique insights into the challenges and potentials of NbS. Plus, don’t miss out on the interactive session moderated by our rural, coastal and urban cities, that follows, where your insights and contributions will be invaluable. Join us to support us in our efforts - register now!

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