Unveiling the potential of NbS Education: launch of the Task Force 'Nature-Based Solutions Education'

21 March 2024

Unveiling the potential of NbS Education: launch of the Task Force 'Nature-Based Solutions Education'

A new European Task Force 'Nature-Based Solutions Education' was launched during an online kick-off meeting on 25 January 2024. This initiative fosters the collaboration among EU Horizon Europe projects and networks dedicated to Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) education. Facilitated by the NBS EduWORLD project, it is part of the NbS Cluster Task Forces coordinated by NetworkNature, the platform for the NbS community.

The launch of a new Task Force dedicated to integrating Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) into education marks a significant step forward in environmental education initiatives. The primary focus of the Task Force is to expose the importance of NbS and its integration into educational systems. By providing resources and advocating for policy change, the Task Force will transform education into a powerful force for positive environmental action.

To kick-start the Task Force, Professor Marcus Collier, Professor at Trinity College Dublin, provided invaluable insights into the essence of NbS and its relevance in contemporary education. Professor Collier 's presentation shed light on the evolution of NbS concepts and their pivotal role in addressing contemporary environmental challenges. The concept of NbS has evolved over the past decade, transitioning from a theoretical framework to practical implementation. Initiatives by the European Commission have catalysed research agendas and fostered collaborative endeavours in NbS development.

Education emerges as a cornerstone in NBS advocacy. Task Forces serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and curriculum development in NBS education. By fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and advocacy, the establishment of a Task Force dedicated to NBS in education boosts the integration of NBS into curricula, thereby nurturing a generation of environmentally aware individuals prepared to address global sustainability challenges.

The Task Force ‘NBS Education’ will cultivate a community of NbS project representatives, educators, NbS experts and policymakers to shape the future of environmental education in Europe. This collaboration aims to streamline efforts in effectively advancing NbS within educational frameworks. If you represent a Horizon Europe NbS project or network, please reach out to us to learn more about the Task Force NBS Education and explore how you could be part of it. Conor Dowling (Trinity College Dublin) is the contact person for the Task Force NBS Education on behalf of NBS EduWORLD:

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