NBS EduCommunity Workshop #2: Fostering Nature Connections through Education

23 May 2024

NBS EduCommunity Workshop #2: Fostering Nature Connections through Education

The second NBS EduCommunity workshop generated innovative ideas on nature-based education and its integration into different sectors. With inspiring keynote speeches and lively group discussions, the crucial role of reconnecting people with nature for a sustainable future became clear.

Connecting people with the earth
Luis Camargo of OpEPA impressed the audience with his keynote speech that pleaded for a deeper and more holistic approach to environmental education. Camargo demonstrated that to truly connect people to the earth, we need to go beyond traditional education. He stressed the importance of understanding the deep relationship between humans and nature, and advocated for an educational model that fosters this connection. Camargo's vision includes creating educational spaces that allow people to explore and experience the natural world, awakening their innate curiosity and respect for the environment. Listen to the whole speech by Luis Camargo on our YouTube channel.

The NBS EduSystem in Belgrade: A model of integration and co-design
Ana Mitic-Radulovic from CEUS presented the NBS EduSystem in Belgrade as a pioneering model for integrating NBS education into urban planning. She emphasised the multidisciplinary approach necessary for the success of such systems and the importance of involving different stakeholders, from urban planners to educators and community members. By bringing together different perspectives, projects can be developed and implemented that are valued by the community. The importance of public consultation and community involvement in such projects was also highlighted: involving citizens not only fosters a sense of belonging, but also ensures that projects meet the real needs of the community. You can watch her full presentation on our YouTube channel.

Collaborative insights and practical solutions
All agreed on the need to foster a positive relationship with nature from an early age. Teachers play a central role in this process, acting as facilitators who guide pupils to explore and appreciate the natural world. The importance of interdisciplinary collaboration was also a recurring theme. NBS education thrives at the intersection of different disciplines, so more opportunities should be created for different subject areas to work together to develop comprehensive and effective educational programmes.

Looking ahead: capacity building and resource sharing
Looking to the future, the need for capacity building and resource sharing to support NBS initiatives is clear. Educational resources, workshops and student competitions can be important tools to empower communities and promote a culture of sustainability. Initiatives such as Climate University, which provides open resources on NBS and facilitates student participation in courses at other universities, can lead the way, as only through collaboration can a more inclusive and sustainable future be created through nature-based education.

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