Enter Scientix Nature-Based Solutions in Education Award!

31 January 2024

Enter Scientix Nature-Based Solutions in Education Award!

The Scientix "Nature-Based Solutions in Education” Award, supported by NBS EduWORLD, addresses educators who showcase their commitment to sustainability education through nature-based solutions (NbS) activities.

NBS EduWORLD will look at:

  1. new Learning Scenarios on NBS using the NBS EduWORLD template;
  2. good examples of using an existing NBS Learning Scenario shared by video or through an NBS EduWORLD story of implementation;
  3. new creative NBS activities for non-formal education shared as a video, presentation, or short article detailing how the NBS activity was conducted in non-formal education settings (e.g., sports clubs, youth centres, etc.).

NBS activities should be linked to at least one area of the GreenComp, the European sustainability competence framework, and at least one of the 12 societal challenge areas. It must also address at least one of the following topics: air quality; land regeneration; new economic opportunities and green jobs; social justice and social cohesion; water management; biodiversity enhancement; natural and climate hazards. 

Prizes: Winners (x2) will be invited to the 2024 Science Project Workshop in Brussels! In addition, all runner ups will be invited to participate in key activities, educational initiatives, training opportunities and dissemination campaigns organised by NBS EduWORLD.

Find out more about the Award and how to submit your contribution here:

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