Receive support to develop NbS education actions!

29 February 2024

Receive support to develop NbS education actions!

NBS EduWORLD announces the “NBS EduWORLD Call for Proposals on Nature-based Solutions Education Projects” in urban, rural and coastal ecosystems. Join us in this endeavour of testing and creating new NbS education resources and activities, such as teacher training programmes, or research initiatives, among many other resources, to promote environmental education.

NBS EduWORLD is a Horizon Europe project at the crossroads between Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and education, a forerunner project blending the two topics. The overall objective of NBS EduWORLD is to nurture an NbS literate society, supporting a just transition to a sustainable future. More information can be found here.

The NBS EduWORLD project connects various education and Nature-based Solutions stakeholders. The project learns from and disseminates the best practices from local demonstrators (known as “Tier-1”) the City of Almada, Offaly County Council, and the Museum of Natural History Paris, and supports the implementation of education NbS activities in other local demonstrators (known as “Tier-2) in Moldova, Genova and Belgrade.

Now, we are calling for more organisations to expand the learnings and education activities developed in urban, rural and coastal ecosystems by the Tier-1 and Tier-2 NBS EduSystems.

Who can apply?

Any organisation involved in education, STEM or NbS activities can apply. From the public sector to business. From community associations to academics. From cultural organisations to sports clubs, and many more!

If you work in at least one of the specified ecosystems: rural, urban, and coastal, we are looking for you! Participate in our Call for proposals with your project ideas!

Objectives of the action

  • Encourage participation from NbS Education newcomers and smaller organisations;
  • Making Nature-based Solutions education more accessible;
  • Prioritise inclusivity for groups facing fewer opportunities and promote active European citizenship by integrating the European dimension at the local level;
  • Broaden NbS education resources at a larger level.

This Call will remain open until April 22, 2024, 10 am CEST


What do we offer?

Support for Tier-3 NBS EduSystems for:

  1. communication and promotion of available NbS education material;
  2. catering and venue costs for kick-off or public awareness raising event of their NbS educational activities;
  3. hiring local communication support (media outlet/agency) for better visibility and advice on how to communicate with citizens/local communities;
  4. creating and refining concrete NbS education outputs such as. factsheets, briefs, booklets, etc.) including design and printing costs;

What do we expect from the participants?

The selected organisations will deliver through their proposed projects the following items of work but not limited to these depending on the proposal made in the application form.

  • Involve youngsters in the development of materials to co-produce a “youth inclusion toolkit”;
  • Co-organise and facilitate education activities, resulting in the exchange about, and improvement of, NbS education resources;
  • Use and experiment learning materials and training for students from higher education produced in the first NBS EduSystems;
  • Provide feedback on the implemented education resources in order to scale out the results to regional and national scale.

Where can the project be implemented?

Selected organisations should be implementing national or transnational projects in support of NbS education across EU Member States associated with the Horizon Programme.

How to apply?

Read the full Call for Proposals of NBS EduWORLD to have more information about the call, how to apply and the selection procedure. The call has been launched on February 29, 2024, and submission deadline is April 15, 2024, 10 am CEST. Activities proposed should be implemented latest by May 2025.

Read the Call for Proposals
Apply here: Call for Initiatives

Further information: If you have any questions, please contact exclusively by email

Image by "Steven Alarie on Unsplash"

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