Flip through inspiring initiatives around NBS education

11 October 2023

Flip through inspiring initiatives around NBS education

Developed by NBS EduWORLD, the Nature-based Solutions Education Flipbook is a user-friendly NBS education resource with a major focus on place-based non-formal education, to inspire and bring valuable lessons coming from concrete NBS education initiatives to a broad audience. Here are some of the main takeaways:

  • Diverse Focus: The Flipbook highlights NBS education initiatives in rural, coastal, and urban environments, ensuring relevance to local contexts.
  • Real-World Examples: It showcases real-life NBS implementation examples from various ecosystems and partner cities, providing practical insights for educators.
  • Awareness Building: The Flipbook raises awareness about the benefits of NBS, especially in communities unfamiliar with these approaches, fostering acceptance and understanding.
  • Celebrating Success: It celebrates the achievements of cities and regions that have successfully implemented NBS interventions, encouraging further initiatives.
  • Model Resource: The Flipbook serves as a model for other organizations and communities interested in promoting NBS education, encouraging collaboration and support networks.

In summary, the Flipbook is a valuable tool for promoting NBS education and sustainability, offering inspiration, real-world examples, and a platform for sharing success stories.

Have a look for yourself! Consult the Flipbook here.

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