Nature-based Solutions (NBS) Comics: Uniting Science and Storytelling for a Thriving Future

21 June 2023

Nature-based Solutions (NBS) Comics: Uniting Science and Storytelling for a Thriving Future

NBS Comics, an innovative interdisciplinary project, brings together the worlds of art, science, and nature to empower comic creators in envisioning a harmonious coexistence between people and the environment. Through a collaborative effort with artists, scientists, and NBS experts, the project aims to commission and support comic creators in sharing captivating stories that showcase the potential of nature-based solutions.

The primary goal of NBS Comics is to offer intelligent, entertaining, and impactful narratives about nature. By amplifying the voices of new and diverse creators, the project seeks to engage a broader audience and foster a meaningful dialogue surrounding the crucial role nature plays in our daily lives. Through these stories, we hope to raise awareness about nature's benefits and inspire positive change.

As part of a growing movement of comics with environmental and social purpose, NBS Comics invites comic creators from all backgrounds to contribute to the project. Through open calls and commissions, creators are encouraged to explore diverse comic styles, storytelling approaches, and languages. This inclusivity ensures a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences that reflect the global nature of our challenges and aspirations.

In the inaugural year of the project, the response has been overwhelming. Following a rigorous selection process, seven talented comic creators have been commissioned to produce a captivating series of comics exclusively for the purpose-built NBS Comics platform. These comics will serve as a source of inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment for readers, igniting their curiosity and sparking conversations about nature-based solutions.

Funded by the European Commission under NetworkNature and coordinated by The Nature of Cities in collaboration with numerous partners and individuals from diverse fields, the NBS Comics project represents a collective effort to drive positive change and reimagine our relationship with the natural world.

We invite you to delve into the captivating world of NBS Comics and discover the unique narratives that unfold within its pages. Experience the power of science and storytelling as they intertwine to inspire a future where people and nature thrive in harmony.

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