Nature Futures 2023: Emerging Trends for Nature Based Enterprises

15 March 2023, 14:00 - 14:30

- Online

Nature Futures 2023: Emerging Trends for Nature Based Enterprises

This inaugural event discusses future trends for nature based enterprises across the globe in 2023 & beyond. From regenerative agriculture, tourism and forestry to green buildings, natural water management and smart tech solutions, industry leaders summarise key trends influencing nature-based enterprises working with and for nature.

Event format

This is an online webinar event, however, rather than have a conventional panel discussion, we will pair guest speakers from 10 industry sub-sectors in 5 engaging 15-minute conversations about what the key trends are in, for example, Regenerative Tourism & Health & Wellbeing.

Together with our industry leading guest speakers we will look at how nature based enterprises can best position themselves to take advantage of those trends and the opportunities or challenges they bring.

Session Pairings

  • Regenerative Tourism & Health & Wellbeing
  • Green Buildings & Water Management
  • Ecosystem Restoration & Regenerative Agriculture
  • Regenerative Forestry & Smart Tech
  • Urban Landscapes & Community Engagement

Who is the event for?

  • Nature Based Enterprises working with and for nature - Come and join us!
  • If you're already a signed up member, join us to hear about relevant trends!
  • Lastly, if you're interested in or working in support of the nature positive economy, please, lend us your ears & join the event.

What else do you need to know?

  • Our Guest Speakers are thought & business leaders in their respective fields who have led the way in demonstrating that nature based enterprises can deliver for our communities and our planet. They will be announced here and on social media closer to the event.
  • With over 2,000 community members on the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform, this is expected to be a well attended event with input from wide and far.
  • We will be promoting the event across our platform and channels as well as through a wide reaching network across Europe and the rest of the World.
  • We will also be launching our newly revamped Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform & look forward to feedback from new & existing community members.

Discover the speakers, find out more and register:

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