NBS EduWORLD Summer School 2024

30 June - 5 July 2024

NBS EduWORLD Summer School 2024

The Green Deal aims to guide the EU towards a climate-neutral future, recognizing the significant social, economic, and employment impacts of this transition. Education and training are seen as crucial catalysts for fostering a sustainable society by equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The EU supports the education sector's role in promoting green and digital transitions, emphasizing the importance of nature-based solutions in education to address climate and biodiversity crises. Teachers and school leaders are vital in implementing these educational reforms, and their professional development and collaboration are essential for success.

In this framework, the NBS EduWORLD project’s Academy on teaching for NBS offers a series of training activities, of which this Summer School is part, in order to support, develop, and promote teaching and testing of NBS.

Over the training days, various topics will be explored, such as NBS initiatives and good practices, ways to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students need for the green transition under the European sustainability competence framework (GreenComp), pedagogical and methodological approaches to teach about NBS and techniques to integrate NBS topics into the curricula and into a wide variety of lessons on various disciplines.

In this way, the Summer School will provide participating teachers with a better understanding of what nature-based solutions are and how they can integrate them into the school environment and will promote their efficiency and confidence in teaching and learning, equipping them with the necessary subject matter knowledge and teaching strategies.

The Summer School has been designed to help teachers design the most effective and engaging lessons, NBS projects, and living lab concepts that will make use of innovative forms of instruction and tools in their schools, and more generally think differently about their students’ learning of and about the NBS concepts, in an interactive way through peer learning activities.

Therefore, the Summer School will upscale co-creation methodologies for innovative state-of-the-art education materials and will promote NBS interventions in line with the priorities established in the EU Green Deal.

Find out more about the Summer School programme, fee and registration here.

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