Online workshop

6 June 2023

- Online

Online workshop

We know what a Nature Based Solution (NBS) is, but how do we share this knowledge and integrate it into our communities?

As a side event of EU Green Week, the 'NBS EduWORLD' team from PPMI and Trinity College Dublin are organising an online interactive workshop. It will bring together interested stakeholders to discuss how policymakers and practitioners can best support education on and mainstreaming of nature-based solutions. The two-part event will open with strong and diverse NBS examples and close with breakout group discussion.

This event aims to bring together different stakeholders in discussing how policymakers and practitioners can best support the education and mainstreaming of nature-based solutions (NBS). The presentations will showcase the breadth and scope of NBS to bring those less familiar with the concept up to speed and introduce examples of how policymakers and practitioners could be involved in supporting skill building for more resilient and sustainable communities. The aim of the brainstorming session is to generate ideas on how the participants can get involved locally with regards to skill building for sustainable, resilient and socially fair communities. The event will also provide the opportunity for network building within and across different sectors.

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About the EU Green Week

The EU Green Week is an annual conference and series of events to debate, become familiar with, or even celebrate EU environment policy. In line with the Year of Skills, Partner Events will focus in 2023 on the topics of skills for sustainable, resilient and socially fair communities. Throughout the week, partner events organised by schools, universities, business associations, environmental organisations, civil society, and government agencies will take place across Europe and beyond.

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