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This repository provides a comprehensive list of available resources, including guidance, reports, tools, and services developed around education about NBS. These NBS education resources and materials were discovered through EU-funded online repositories and through desk research. It is updated annually. You can also consult it as a database on PowerBI.

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Water Management at Urban Areas

This Learning Scenario encourages students to learn and care about the importance of water management to tackle urban challenges such as floods and disruption of the water cycle in the urban environment via nature-based solutions (NBS). This Learning Scenario was developed as part of the Integrating Nature-Based Solutions in Education project, funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and coordinated by PPMI, in collaboration with European Schoolnet (EUN).

Topic: Water Management

Educational Level: Secondary Education

Language:  Dutch English French German Greek Italian Lithuanian Polish Portuguese Romanian Slovak Spanish Swedish

Organisation: European Schoolnet


Wetland of Repainville

The project is co-developed around the three functions of the site: familial and community gardens (existing since 2010), environmental education and market gardening

Topic: Biodiversity

Educational Level: Adult Learning

Language:  English

Organisation: several associations


Wilderness experience garden Münster

Providing opportunities for children and adults to experience nature in cities; Educating children about nature, its variety and value during play

Topic: Green Space Management

Educational Level: Primary Education

Language:  English

Organisation: Annika and Olaf Bader


World Tree Day actions

Educate about the importance of preserving the forest by playing a crucial role in combating climate change by absorbing and storing carbon in the atmosphere in its vegetation and soil

Topic: Understanding of NBS

Educational Level: Primary Education

Language:  English

Organisation: Sintra Living Science Center


Yerevan-Nature-Based Solution: A GREEN WALL FOR KINDERGARTEN

The creation of a green wall in the sounding of N143 kindergarten is a showcase of the way a particular nature-based solution could be implemented: the creation of a green wall, which took a short time and needed a very limited, care may than keep its function during years without any extra-costs.

Topic: Health & Well-Being

Educational Level: Early Childhood Education

Language:  English

Organisation: The Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies (CENS), NAS RA

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