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Advanced Master of Water Sustainability: Integrating Technology and Nature-based Solutions (Think Water)

The Advanced Master Think Water (formerly known as 'Technology for Integrated Water Management') is a unique interdisciplinary programme that combines knowledge and expertise about water from the fields of natural sciences and engineering. The programme is aimed at students and professionals who already possess an initial master’s degree. The objective of the programme is to educate specialists in water technology and nature-based solutions with thorough understanding of integrated water management, the latest developments in the water sector and challenging global water issues. It is organised by the University of Antwerp, in collaboration with the Antwerp Maritime Academy as well as other higher education institutes, research institutes and companies in Belgium.

Topic: Water Management

Educational Level: Higher Education

Language:  English

Organisation: University of Antwerp


Agriparc of Mas Nouguier

The agriparc of the Mas Nouguier is an agricultural reserve contributes to the preservation of the identity of the territory and to the valorization of the living environment

Topic: Water Management

Educational Level: Primary Education

Language:  English

Organisation: City of Montpellier


Anti-smog Educational Garden in Kraków

The initiative created the first in the city anti-smog garden around a local school. The garden serves multiple purposes as it will include: a greenhouse and a composter, the air-pollution absorbing plants that will attract birds and insects and protect the school from urban dust and noise, a vegetable garden, houses for hedgehogs, birds and butterflies, a 'sensory' path for medicinal gymnastics, a roofed gazebo, a meteorological station and a book exchange booth.

Topic: Air Quality

Educational Level: Primary Education

Language:  English

Organisation: NGO actors, not disclosed


Are We Prepared for Natural Disasters?

This Learning Scenario (LS) involves students aged 12-15 in understanding the importance of constructing flood- and earthquake-resistant buildings and bridges using nature-based solutions. They will adopt an engineering and scientific approach, studying a centenary bridge's resilience and discussing the effects of climate change on natural events, with a focus on Disaster Risk Analytics.

Topic: Climate Resilience

Educational Level: Secondary Education

Language:  English

Organisation: European Schoolnet


Armenia's Tree Project

The Armenia Tree Project is a national initiative founded in 1994. The project engages in involving different community members in an urban planting program, environmental education and outreach. ATP has targeted the most vulnerable communities with the most need for greenery. The focus and attention that is given to these areas help trees to grow and flourish but also creates a stronger bond between the inhabitants and the land they live on.

Topic: Green Space Management

Educational Level: Early Childhood Education

Language:  English

Organisation: Local NGOs

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