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This repository provides a comprehensive list of available resources, including guidance, reports, tools, and services developed around education about NBS. These NBS education resources and materials were discovered through EU-funded online repositories and through desk research. It is updated annually. You can also consult it as a database on PowerBI.

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Integrating Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for climate action

This deck of cards features a variety of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) that can be implemented in urban areas. Through this activity, students can select an area of interest or an entire city to explore strategic interventions and financial requirements for implementing NBS. Additionally, students will explore various external societal actors such as NbS experts, researchers, and professionals with whom they can collaborate to gain insights into the feasibility, effectiveness, and potential challenges of each NBS intervention.

Topic: Climate Resilience

Educational Level: All Levels

Language:  English

Organisation: Ellinogermaniki Agogi


School Garden, Street Garden

Based on STEM approach, the publication is an activity proposition to be developed with students between 14-17 years old. The students should plan and to advocate for connecting green areas, and external spaces of the school, with green cycling paths and walking tracks.

Topic: Social Justice & Social Cohesion

Educational Level: Secondary Education

Language:  English

Organisation: European Commission

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