Let´s create a community for nature-based solutions!

21 October 2022

Let´s create a community for nature-based solutions!

The project consortium met in Brussels to officially kick-off the project NBS EduWORLD.

The goal of NBS EduWORLD is to help people understand and use nature-based solutions (NBS) to create a better future. The project consortium brings together experts in NBS and education to share knowledge and resources. During the three years of the project, they will evaluate existing NBS education programs, improve them, and make them more accessible to everyone. They will create a framework for the project and give recommendations for how to use NBS in the future. NBS demonstrators in Europe will be analysed to improve their methods and create opportunities for NBS professionals to work with educators. The objective is to encourage more people to consider NBS as a career option. The project partners will provide support for educators who are new to NBS and help them progress to the next level. They will communicate and share their work with a wide audience to make sure to reach as many people as possible.

By working together with experts and the community, we hope to make a difference and create an NBS EduWORLD.

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