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This repository provides a comprehensive list of available resources, including guidance, reports, tools, and services developed around education about NBS. These NBS education resources and materials were discovered through EU-funded online repositories and through desk research. It is updated annually. You can also consult it as a database on PowerBI.

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NBS Learning Scenarios

Educational tool for teachers testing 15 learning scenarios to integrate nature-based solutions (NBS) resources in formal education.

Topic: Biodiversity

Educational Level: All Levels

Language:  English

Organisation: SCIENTIX - PPMI/EUN


Policy Brief on Transformative Education

Policy recommendations from youth voices for a transformative education that fosters active citizenry and societal stewardship towards a sustainable, peaceful and equitable future in harmony with nature.

Topic: Social Justice & Social Cohesion

Educational Level: All Levels

Language:  English

Organisation: GYBN


The Ocean Game

Awareness raising game related to climate change and sea raising.

Topic: Coastal Resilience

Educational Level: All Levels

Language:  English

Organisation: Los Angeles Times

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