Empowering change: How can young people use and support Nature-Based Solutions?

20 June 2024

Empowering change: How can young people use and support Nature-Based Solutions?

In a world facing major issues like climate change and wildlife loss, nature-based solutions (NBS) are like powerful tools for helping our planet. They use the power of nature to solve problems while making life better for us. Imagine restoring forests, cleaning up rivers, or protecting coastlines with mangroves—these are all ways NBS help out. They not only keep our environment healthy but also protect us from climate disasters.

NBS are amazing because they use natural processes to help society. They are cost-effective, good for the planet, and they help tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. By saving and restoring natural areas, NBS help absorb carbon, improve air and water quality, and support wildlife.

It's essential to develop NBS, and you can make a difference too! Here’s how:

  • Learn and Share: Deepen your understanding of NBS and talk to your community about why they’re awesome. Explain how ecosystems work, why biodiversity matters, and how NBS can change the game for both environmental and social challenges.
  • Speak Up at School: Encourage your school or university to teach about sustainability and NBS: it could become an NBS learning and demonstration centre, and help everyone learn more about environmental issues and solutions.
  • Lead by Example: Live sustainably every day. Reduce waste, save energy, and make eco-friendly choices. Show others how to live sustainably and inspire them to do the same.
  • Get Your Hands Dirty: Join local NBS projects like tree planting or urban gardening. Volunteer with conservation groups to help restore and protect natural habitats.
  • Spread the Word Online: Use social media to promote NBS. Share posts, create engaging content, or start a campaign about NBS and their benefits. Use hashtags like #Youth4NBS or #NatureBasedSolutions or #Sustainability to reach a wider audience and encourage others to get involved.
  • Team Up: Join or start youth organisations focused on the environment. Work with people who care about the planet and push for NBS together.
  • Get Loud: Get involved in promoting policies that prioritise NBS. Join campaigns, organize events, and use social media to shout out about the benefits of NBS and why sustainable practices are crucial.
  • Think Global: Get involved in international groups and events about sustainability. Join global youth forums, conferences, and initiatives to tackle environmental challenges together.

By embracing and promoting nature-based solutions, we can build a resilient and sustainable future for everyone. Let’s use the power of nature to protect our planet and improve life for all of us!


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